Jun 12

East Coast Potato Skins

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What an exciting day we have on our hands today, folks. I am proud to say that this blog is brought to you by my very good friends over on the Gentle Island, PEI Potatoes. How cool is that! I am a massive fan of all things PEI, and what could be more PEI than a potato!  

Potatoes are a great – and insanely versatile – ingredient. They are healthy, delicious, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. When I was asked to make a recipe using the PEI potato, my mind immediately went to one of my favourite east coast snacks, Potato Skins. Firstly, did you know that the ‘nacho’ style potato skin is an east coast thing??? This is a great weekend treat for the family. Be sure to share.

Look for PEI potatoes at the grocery store for guaranteed quality, and to support Canadian farmers who help feed the country. It’s gotta be in the red soil!