For years I have had an obsession with food. Beyond simply eating something delicious, I have been fascinated by the process of cooking. The heat, sounds, smells, successes, and failures. To me cooking is meditative; a creative and physical outlet that allows me to relax, focus, and explore.

I always knew that I wanted to be a cook, but never felt it was a viable option. While it may be totally cliche, once my wife and I had our daughter all that changed for me.

I knew that if I was going to encourage my daughter to chase her dreams I would need to do it myself or I would be a hypocrite.

So in the summer of 2017, with support of my amazing wife and family, I took the leap. I was going to chase my food dream even if I didn’t know totally what that meant or looked like. Since then my life has completely changed for the better, and we are just getting started.

Throughout my life I have been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and taste food from around the world. When creating menus I draw on these experiences to create fun, bold, exciting dining experience. I am all about making food that people want to eat! Craveable, approachable, delicious.

Interested in working or collaborating with Andy’s East Coast Kitchen?  I would LOVE that! Reach out and we can make it happen;

Areas of Focus;

  • Corporate Catering and Events
  • Food Events
  • In home Dinners (Min spend of $2000)
  • Private Chef Services
  • Small Weddings
  • Outdoor Culinary Adventures
  • Nova Scotia Ambassadorship
  • Pop Up Kitchen Events
  • Food Photography & Video Creation
  • Brand Partnerships

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